Staying Ahead of the Game

Meeting OEM emissions and fuel efficiency requirements is a difficult challenge when working with conventional materials such as steel or aluminum. Carbon fiber can help. It is five times the strength of steel with only a fraction of the weight. And still structurally safe. Bringing the benefits of carbon fiber to the industrial marketplace, DowAksa offers this enabling technology for mass production of vehicles.
XForge™ VZ Based on VORAFUSE™ Technology.

  • Best-in-class mechanical properties
  • Fast processing (<3 min)
  • Recyclable trim scrap
  • Low CAPEX
  • Room temperature stable (>50 days)
  • Internal mold release
XForge™ Trademark of DowAksa
Vorafuse™ Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) or an affiliated company of Dow

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XForge™ delivers best-in-class mechanical properties of 3D molded carbon fiber composite parts and enables replacing cast metal parts with equivalent performance at up to 40% less mass. XForge™ is shelf-stable and tack-free at room temperature and doesn’t require freezer storage prior to kit cutting and molding as long as the storage temperature doesn’t exceed 40°C. Because it lacks the stickiness of traditional prepreg, it won’t cause buildup and avoids the mishandling issues common with robots and other automated handling equipment. XForge™ contains a novel internal mold release (IMR) agent to facilitate easy part removal. More than 1,000 parts can be made before having to reapply an external mold release to tool surfaces. Furthermore, uncured product and trim scrap can be recycled into high-value parts by chopping and feeding the material back into the molding systems as a discontinuous fiber reinforced compound. This is ideal when molding complex geometries like ribs and bosses or when looking for a more sustainable option with decreased waste and increased yields.