We aim to create sustainable positive values for all our stakeholders


Sustainability at DowAksa

DowAksa aims to create sustainable positive values for all its stakeholders in the environmental, social and governance spheres of influence in its sector, and to carry these values into the future.

Since its establishment, DowAksa has been carrying out its activities with a sustainable approach that carefully considers the balance of social, economic development and environmental impact. The Sustainability Department within the company was created to place and systematize the works in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, global trends and increasing customer needs, and to make sustainability part of the company culture. It also aims to integrate best practices into corporate decision-making in environmental, social and governance (ESG) fields.
With its targeted approach, DowAksa has started to create a sustainability roadmap to encourage and increase efficiency in all areas of operation, to create social benefits, and to expand its governance spheres of influence. Studies initiated under the leadership of Sustainability Department employees are prioritized and embraced by the CEO and all DowAksa employees.

Our Sustainability Goals

  • To manage sustainability impacts and environmental, social and managerial responsibilities beyond laws and expectations within the scope of important and priority issues for DowAksa and its stakeholders.
  • To carry out its activities in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • To create sustainable value with R&D, innovative ideas, investments and products.
  • To work together with all its employees to achieve sustainability goals and to keep all communication channels open.

  • Periodically to review and improve its targets and performance.
  • To use all its resources to carry out the actions determined to achieve its sustainability goals.
  • To continue working with the idea of positive contribution to life. In this context, to undertake product life cycle analysis studies and detailed follow-up of the effects before and after production.
  • To regularly publish a sustainability report.

Story of a Sustainable Success

As DowAksa – a company that aims to integrate the best practices in the fields of environmental, social and governance into its corporate decision-making process and culture – we are pleased to present our first Sustainability Report.

Dear Stakeholders,

I am delighted to present to our stakeholders and to the wider public our first Sustainability Report covering the year 2021 and the ensuing Global Reporting Initiative. Since its foundation DowAksa has been conducting its business in a sustainable way, aiming to find a balance between social, economic development and environmental impact. Now the time has come for DowAksa’s development to be aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, global trends and increasing customer sustainability requirements. We want to integrate best Environmental, Social and Governance practices into our corporate decision-making and culture.

During 2022 we aim to develop a robust and long-term Sustainability Strategy and Vision leveraging our ability to create advance composite materials for the better World.

We believe that we already make an impact reducing the global carbon footprint by delivering effective solutions to the Wind industry but there is much space for us to improve in terms of waste management and recycling as well as emission reduction.

Through the whole lifecycle of our products we will contribute to CO2 emission reduction and help the world become carbon neutral by 2050.

In this respect, we publish our first Sustainability report 2021, following the Global Reporting Initiative, which portrays our history and where we stand in the continuation of our Sustainability journey.

Yours truly,

Douglas PARKS

We are happy to share our first Sustainability Report, which documents the work carried out and shows our sustainability journey, with our valuable stakeholders. The 2021 DowAksa Sustainability Report, which we prepared in accordance with the “GRI Core Standards” covers the period between January 2021 and December 31, 2021. Based on a materiality analysis, our report reflects the sustainability issues most relevant to DowAksa and our value chain. In the report there is detailed information about our systematic and comprehensive projects that we have realized in different fields from environment to investment, from R&D to employment. With the aim of creating sustainable positive values for all our stakeholders and carrying these values into the future, we will continue to carry out our projects without interruption and present the steps we have taken to our stakeholders in our Sustainability Reports. We attach great importance to the opinions of our valued stakeholders in all our processes. In this context, you can contact us at the e-mail address below for all your contributions, suggestions, feedback, and questions.

DowAksa Sustainability Report 2021