Supporting the Structures
That Support Our Economies

Every developed region of the world has a common concern – aging or damaged infrastructure. The same roads, buildings, bridges and piping that helped build that region’s economy could be responsible for its decline if the infrastructure isn’t repaired and maintained properly. Businesses, too, must maintain their infrastructure or face operational slowdowns or even shutdowns. And historical buildings can be lost forever. Carbon fiber materials provide a cost-effective answer.

Lightweight yet strong, corrosion-resistant and thermally compatible, they can be applied over existing structures to significantly extend their lifetime while maintaining their design integrity. DowAksa CarbonWrap® technology is a cost-effective and innovative solution for restoring the world’s infrastructure.

CarbonWrap® Structural Strengthening Systems can be used in concrete, masonry, steel, and wood structures to increase their strength and ductility, and to make the structures last longer at a fraction of the cost and time of conventional materials and techniques.

Infrastructure Brochure


CarbonWrap® Structural Strengthening Systems – Intended Use

  • Can be used for strengthening as a result of increased load capacity
  • Can be used for strengthening and retrofitting of building elements which are effected by reinforcement corrosion, fire and earthquake
Left image: DowAksa, joined with Istanbul Technical University to conduct a simultaneous full-scale earthquake simulation at a site in Yalova using DowAksa’s carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) technology.


CarbonWrap® Structural Strengthening Systems – Advantages

  • Easier and faster to apply comparing to conventional methods like steel or concrete jacketing
  • Doesn’t add more weight to structure due to being extremely light
  • No need for evacuation of facility during reinforcement application. Applications can be made with partial arrangements while facility still operates
  • Structure’s area of use doesn’t change. Area of use decreases with conventional methods
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Application does not require expensive heavy machinery or equipment


CarbonWrap® Structural Strengthening Systems - Application Areas

  • Columns:  Used for increasing axial load capacity, increasing ductility, increasing shear capacity and compressive strength of concrete
  • Beams:  Used for increasing flexural moment capacity and increasing shear capacity
  • Slabs:  Used for increasing flexural moment capacity
  • Pipes:  Used for repairing and strengthening of pipes which are effected by corrosion


CarbonWrap® Structural Strengthening Systems - Certificates

  • ICC ( International Code Council) Certificate:  CarbonWrap Systems are certified for concrete strengthening applications according to AC125 standard. All the tests clarified in AC125 standard, were conducted at University of Miami, Structures and Materials Laboratory which is accredited by International Accreditation Service (IAS)
  • ASME-PCC2 and ISO24817 Certificates:  CarbonWrap Systems are certified for retrofitting and repairing of corroded steel pipes according to ASME-PCC2 and ISO24817 standards
    ASME-PCC2 tests were conducted at Gas Technology Instittue (GTI) and Stress Engineering Service (SES)
    ISO24817 tests were conducted at Istanbul Technical University (ITU)